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Gas Struts For Auckland Cars
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We have a range of Gas Struts Auckland Wide to suit your needs.

Our Auckland-wide mobile gas strut service comes to you and can fit and install any sort of gas strut that you require. From heavy-duty gas pistons for your commercial equipment and machinery to all manner of gas struts for your cars and utes.

Take a look at our list of services below and if you can't find what you are looking for, simply contact us for a no-obligation quote!

Our mobile service comes to you and can fit and install any sort of gas strut that you require. From heavy-duty gas pistons for your commercial equipment and machinery to all manner of gas struts for your cars and utes.

Gas Struts For Vehicles

Our Auckland wide on-site service comes to you and we’ll fit your new automotive gas struts in the same day.

Gas Struts For Vehicles

No matter the make or model, we have a gas strut to suit your needs. From bonnet to hood struts and even canopy struts for your ute, if your struts are no longer lifting, we can fit a brand new gas shock to your car. 

Gas Struts For Boats & Marine

If you have a hatch or cabinet on your boat that could do with a gas strut, we can retrofit a gas strut and make your life easier.

Gas Struts For Boats & Marine

All your marine gas strut requirements are covered. We have all the marine grade gas struts that not only work hard and hold harder, but also withstand the tough life of marine operations. 

Gas Struts For Windows

we can replace any window gas struts and get your windows working like new again. We can also fit them to new or existing windows that could benefit from gas shock assistance.

Gas Struts For Windows

If your window supports are no longer holding and not working how they should, we have the right window gas struts for you. Designed to accommodate the long reach of a window.

Gas Struts For Industrial

From replacing old gas pistons to retrofitting them to machinery that could do with a lift, we got the experience and knowledge for every situation.

Gas Struts For Industrial

Our industrial gas struts are ready to do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Built to withstand the heaviest of tasks and work day in and day out, our gas struts won’t let you down. 

Gas Struts For Heavy Machinery

Built to withstand the gruelling life of commercial work in all industries, our gas shocks will work as hard as you and your machines do.

Gas Struts For Heavy Machinery

Earthmovers, bulldozers or even combine harvesters, whatever heavy duty gas struts that you require - we can fit it. We are able to regas an existing gas piston or fully replace it with new mounting brackets, hardware and shocks.

Gas Strut Re-Gassing

Our on-site service can come to you and re-gas your struts while you work - Simple, Convenient, Cost-Effective.

Gas Strut Re-Gassing

If you gas struts are losing puff and no longer holding, a gas strut regas might be the cheapest and easiest option. Gas struts that are still structurally sound could benefit from a re-gas that gets them performing like new again.

Providing Auckland With Gas Struts For 30 Years

A1 Gas Struts is a family owned business and is one of Auckland's oldest Gas Strut companies, making Kiwi's lives easier with quality gas strut services for over 30 years.

We have passed on the business from father to son and all the accumulated knowledge, expertise and dedication to providing excellent customer services has carried over to him. If you are seeking new gas struts for whatever vehicle or device in Auckland or a seeking a repair of your existing gas strut we can help.

From supplying and fitting brand new gas struts to regassing existing gas shocks, A1 Gas Struts is your first port of call!


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